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Furniture moving


Most of the relocation process is the moving of furniture objects. With us you can stay calm! Your dear items are safely transported and will always arrive punctually to your destination.

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The first step is, obviously, the careful disassembly of furniture pieces. Thus, they will take less space and will be less susceptible to accidents during handling.

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The next step is to carefully pack all the objects that require relocation and then load the boxes in the vehicles.

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For the transport of goods, we always take into consideration all transport modes so that your furniture can reach you in no time!

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Once it arrives at the destination, the furniture will be reassembled with care and its functionality will be inspected to make sure we assembled it perfectly! You just have to enjoy your new home.

Moving the furniture does not have to be a torment. It can be very simple for you, as if you had a magic wand. Curious what can we do for you?

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