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Steflo Relocation SRL, a Romanian legal person based in Bragadiru, str. Safirului, nr. 89-91B, Ilfov, Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under the number J23 / 348/2019, CUI 40505495, applies the following Personal Data Policies:

Subject of this policy:

This policy refers to personal data made available to the company by initiating contact, soliciting offers, asking questions, or for any other reason that transmits this data to us.

Which personal data do we collect?

We collect and process your data when you interact with us through the dedicated form, contacts by email, telephone calls. The information gathered may include: name, email address, telephone, company, age, field of activity, and any other information voluntarily provided.

We will not collect and process sensitive personal data.

Each visit to the site automatically collects the IP address needed to connect your computer to the Internet, as well as collecting various login information, browser type, time settings, browser extensions, operating system, type and brand of your mobile device - Data processed through third-party cookies, detailed in the Cookie Policy, as well as visit data, URLs accessed, clickthroughs, search data, duration of visits to specific pages, interaction with pages.

We may also receive your personal data from third parties, which are managed according to the agreement you provide to these third parties and within the limits agreed with them.

How do we use this data?

Your data will be processed to improve your interaction with the site and its subdomains, but also to improve the overall service of the company.

We process data for official or informative communications, such as providing information about new policies or new services, informing you about the resolution of some issues or investing in company development, direct marketing messages.

When is your data collected?

Your data is collected by interacting with our company, either through contact forms or by email, telephone, chat or other forms of initiating contact.

Who has access to your data?

Your data is accessible to a small group of employees who have an explicit reason for processing them. In some situations, your data may be provided to third parties, service providers, or legal advisors.

We will not sell your personal data under any circumstances to third parties.

Disclosure of personal data can be made to service providers that provide IT support, security services, analysis services and search engines to business partners and subcontractors or to consultants, lawyers and other legal persons.

Your rights

In relation to your personal data, you have a number of rights:

The right to have processed data in a fair, legal and transparent manner

The right to request the modification, transfer or deletion of these data

The right to be informed about the use of these data

The right to have access to your personal data

The right to refuse further processing of these data

The right to object to automatic decision processes influenced by these data, which produce legal effects

The right to address to your competent authorities regarding the violation of your rights.

Accessing, modifying or deleting data

You may request to view, modify or delete data at any time by email: office@steflo-relocation.ro

All requests are resolved within 30 days of submission.

Withdrawing consent

You can withdraw consent to process your data at any time by email to: office@steflo-relocation.ro, request that will take effect within 24 hours of transmission and will not apply retroactively.

Security and storage duration

Your data is stored securely across the EU. The length of the storage is influenced by the need to process your requirements, but will not be longer than 5 years.


You can contact us using the contact details in the dedicated section of the site or at: office@steflo-relocation.ro